Website Development

Website Development

With the ever growing application of the Internet to communicate with, and engage both customers and prospects alike, businesses and organizations are looking to find more effective means to leverage their website presence to achieve marketing success.

At SPCON, we are keenly aware of the need to help companies and organizations, like yours, to move from a website that is little more than a ‘brochure in the sky’ to an interactive experience for your website visitors to ultimately migrate your visitors through the process of ‘information gathering’ to ‘buying’.

If you’ve been doing your homework on website design, you’ve probably come to learn that not all website development firms are created equal. Some focus extensively on design, leaving an enterprise with a pretty site that isn’t useful. Other website developers put all their effort into functionality, leaving one with lots of bells and whistles, but little brand interaction.

At Digital Intersection, we understand that good website design needs to be usable and useful, reinforcing the site’s purpose and helping visitors find what they are in search of. Of course, good web design is also attractive, meeting branding and marketing goals, and providing visual appeal.

In March of 2020, SPCON acquired the 8 year old web development firm, Strategic eCommerce Solutions. SCOUTIQ  single focus has been to help its clients effectively leverage their Internet presence to achieve the company’s marketing objectives. That tradition and philosophy will continue under the ownership of Digital Intersection.

With the acquisition of ScoutIO, Digital Intersection acquired the knowledge and expertise for the development of web-based solutions for the small & midsize regional and community softwares. Over the past 8 years, Software Website Design has grown to become a preeminent player in web and integrated marketing solutions serving the retail-banking vertical.

With our understanding of integrated marketing and technology, knowledge of online industry standards and best practices, and design, SPCON helps its clients impress, communicate and connect with their audiences to drive business performance.

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